Here are some things to think about when you are deciding between traditional apartment or rental living and retirement community living.

  • How hard will it be to get acquainted with your neighbors?  In retirement community living you will share meals with your neighbors and get to know them over lunch or dinner.  Even if you are a shy person this will provide an easy way to get acquainted and integrated into the community.  It is all too easy to stay shut up in an apartment and stay isolated.
  • Who can I call in the middle of the night if something happens?  That is easy if you are in a retirement community.  There is someone right there in the building to call - usually a security person or an overnight front desk person  
  • What will I do to keep myself occupied?  In a retirement community there will be an activity coordinator who plans daily activities to pick and choose from.  You will also meet fellow residents who probably share some of your interests.  There are probably common areas - sitting rooms, libraries, craft rooms where you will find activities and people to do them with.  We head out and about San Antonio too.  You may even learn a new trick or two!
  • It is hard to cook appetizing and nutritious meals for one and expensive to eat out all the time.  I can't speak for other communities, but I know here at Timberhill Villa we experience fine, nutritious dining every day at Cafe de Villa.  You can always dine in your apartment if you choose - but why would you?  Let us do the cooking and clean up.  Come share a laugh or a story with your dining companions and our staff.
  • What if I get sick?  A retirement community like Timberhill Villa offers on site home health care providers who can provide respite care that is often covered by your Medicare benefits.  We can also deliver your meals right to your apartment.
  • I don't like the idea of a laundry room - won't I miss having a washer and dryer all to myself?  We have a couple of options for you at Timberhill Villa.  First of all, we can do the laundry for you!  Your bedding and towels are laundered when we clean your apartment every week.  For a very reasonable fee, we can wash, dry, fold or hang your clothing and return it to you - all in one day.  But - think of it this way.  The laundry room is another great place to meet people and get out of your apartment.  With plenty of washers and dryers - you can finish it all in about an hour.